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Welcome to JB Tractors, LLC.

"The American Dream"

We still get a lot of questions like: "who are you guys", "how did your company started?" And how did you end up in Millerville, Minnesota?

This is our story:
We are from a small country called "The Netherlands". This is where we have a tractor company for over 35 years, selling tractors worldwide. In 2001 we made our first trip to the USA! But that was not for vacation! We had to fix a tractor we sold all the way to Brandon Minnesota (which is about 8 miles from where we are located now). We stand behind our tractors, and give a warranty! Even if we sell to the other side of the world! So when this "New Holland 8670" broke down, and the dealership wanted too much money to fix it, we thought it would be better to fly over with a suitcase full of parts, and fix it ourselves. So we ( only 19 years old at the time!) flew over to America to fix the new Holland 8670 tractor. We found a repair shop in Millerville where we could work in. When the owner of the repair shop (George Bitzan) first met us he laughed: "a couple kids are going to fix this tractor?" But with the help of George we had everything running again within a week!

After getting to know George a bit more, we found out he wanted to sell his shop, and without any hesitation we bought it! "Selling tractors in America!" who wouldn't want to do that? Coming from such a small and crowded country, America is truly is a dream! The Netherlands has a population of 18 million, and it's only a third the size of Minnesota, so you have no idea what went through our minds when we first came to the states!

Everything is huge! Big farms! Big lakes! Everything's just big! And Minnesota truly is beautiful with all the lakes and the "hills." And not forget to mention the people! For a couple of "foreigners" to start a company in such a small town like Millerville ( population 115) we thought it would be hard to find friends and meet new people. But we were wrong! Everybody was so nice and hospitable, they made us feel at home right away!

Now, 12 years later, we are still very impressed with this country and its citizens . Every day we meet and talk to new people. Everybody is always very interested in our story, coming from a different country. And there are so many people we talk too who have their ancestors coming from Europe, like Germany, the Netherlands, Norway etc. It's very nice to hear those stories, it's a small world after all…

We have learned so much in the past years, and one of the most important things would be "the relationship" with our customers. Because it's not just selling a tractor and "goodbye." It's about trust. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied! And the best way to sell a tractor is when a customer walks in and says "my neighbor bought a tractor from you guys and he was really satisfied." That's the best advertisement there is! And that is our goal!

We are a young company that continues to keep growing! It is very important for us to have a good relationship with our customers. There are too many companies that are getting too big and losing the personal touch.

But what business really is about; is people and relationships. And that is our main focus, because we love what we do! And want to keep selling tractors for many many years!

We would like to thank all of our customers and friends that have made us who we are today, a successful tractor company! "And to this day we are grateful for the New Holland 8670 that broke down in 2001, that brought us to America."

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Bas Nijland,
JB Tractors LLC
16634 Co Rd 156 NW
Brandon, MN 56315


Ph: (320) 876-2264
Cell: (320) 760-9334
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JB Tractors LLC
16634 Co Rd 156 NW
Brandon, MN 56315

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